Coordinator Wanted

April 6, 2012

Hello everyone,

It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to pass the torch and step down as the coordinator for the local Omaha 2600 Group. I am looking for someone to replace me as the coordinator for the local Omaha 2600 Group. The position is an unofficial volunteer position with no compensation or reimbursement. I've been footing the bill for all of the group's resources, like domain registration and web hosting. Thankfully, most resources can be procured for free with services provided by Google, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. The only thing I paid for directly is the web hosting and domain registration, which I will continue to maintain.

The new coordinator for Omaha 2600 will be responsible for:
- publicizing and organizing the monthly meetings which occur on the first Friday of the month in accordance with the 2600 meeting guidelines []
- being the primary interface between Omaha 2600 and the main 2600 organization
- maintaining the Omaha 2600 website [, Twitter feed [@omaha2600], Facebook Group, YouTube channel, Google Group email list, and Google Pages site
- maintaining the primary contact email address []
- finding your replacement when you are ready to step down

I will continue to serve in my current capacity until such time that a suitable candidate volunteers their time and money to assume the duties of running Omaha 2600. I will also continue to own and maintain the domain name. I may attend the meetings after I have officially stepped down but I may not make it to the meetings as I have in the past.

Thank you to everyone who attended an Omaha 2600 meeting or brought something to share with the group. Extra special thanks to Mike of the DEFCON 402 group for helping me organize the meetings. Running a local user group is a great way to learn simple resource management techniques and may even look good on a resume (ha ha!). It's been a swell ride! Keep on hacking!

Omaha 2600